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Project Starline is a multiplayer sci-fi arcade racer, set in the 24th century where a sport called Rigout is at its highest point, being the most popular sport in the known universe.

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Become a part of the community that will help and support us in shaping the game.

With the growth of this community, we plan on actively engaging and communicating, and as the game evolves and takes shape, increase the community`s influence by introducing voting polls where they can directly shape certain aspects of the game.


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About the game

The Rig

The mechanical suits called rigs are outfitted with jets and thrusters for maneuvering, and a special

ability called a Rigout ability that is unique to the selected rig which can help the player or hinder other players. The abilities and rigs can be customized and upgraded in the Hangar.

The Hangar

The Hangar is a lobby type menu where the player can store and pick rigs, upgrade abilities and check

leaderboards and rank.The Hangar itself will get upgrades as you progress in the game and level up, starting from a simple corner in a maintenance room to a whole workshop with storage unit for the rigs.

GAME Mechanics

Stats and Power-Ups 

Each Rig has 4 different stats: Top Speed, Acceleration, Manuverability and Endurance. Aside from the obvious Top Speed and Acceleration, Maneuverability means the speed at which the Rig will be able to perform feats such as barrel rolls ,sudden stops, flips and similar. Endurance means the amount of resistance a Rig will have to things like physically being pushed or pulled or influenced by similar factors.

Power-Ups are abilities all of the Rigs will have at disposal, but not freely. As you are racing, there will be holographic markers which can be triggered by flying through them. When u trigger a marker, you are presented with a choice, Utility or Attack. Picking one of these will give u a random ability from the branch. 

So what happens if u don't like the ability you get ? Well you can "feed" it to an ultimate ability called a Rigout ability unique to the Rig you are using. 

Game Progression

Main game progression will be marked with the players account level which caps at 30. As you race, you

get certain amount of experience points which help you level up your profile. Leveling up is crucial as it unlocks more customization and upgrades to the character, unlocks more races etc. At max level you unlock ranked play, which lets you race competitively for rank, rewards and prestige.